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Millennials or as we call the young adults are the future of our nation. The young people with great mindsets, open thoughts, logical thinking, and practical viewpoints are smarter than the previous generations and much more advanced. All thanks to the technology, Smartphones, and the internet that has changed the face of the present generation.

But as smart as they may seem to be, we cannot deny the fact that the terms depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicide, stress, etc. are also associated most with the millennials.

Causes of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress among young adults

Every other person in this young generation is either suffering from some physical or mental problem that takes a toll on their health and personal life. We can attribute these growing problems to the sedentary lifestyle, junk eating habits, and growing stress and worries about succeeding in every sphere and being the best.

The world lives on the rule of ‘Survival of the fittest,’ and therefore there has to be something that can solve all these problems and enable this young generation to stay happy, calm, and peaceful so that they can spread joy around them.

“Yoga is the perfect way to deal with depression, stress, and anxiety”

Those days are gone when yoga was just for the old, sick, or obese people. With specific yoga poses for depression, stress, and anxiety along with breathing techniques, you can explore the subtle energies of life and align your body, mind, and soul to experience great joy, health, and positivity.

Here I would like to throw some light on a true incident that happened in the life of one of my yoga students Shivani Bhatt from Vadodara. Back in 2012, she was really stressed and depressed about her condition as she was suffering from thyroid, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance but with the help of yoga, she transformed her health conditions completely, and apart from that she learned self-care, love and compassion which has made her a happier person who can now contribute better in her family and at her workplace.

Yoga is not meant to shape your body but to shape your mind and it makes you a better and more confident person each day. By practicing yoga for depression and meditation for stress, you can tackle these problems in the most natural and harmless way.  It helps you excel in every sphere of life be it personal or professional.

Yoga fills you up with great joy and optimism so that you can become the best version of yourself. So, if you want to become fearless, confident, independent, healthy, and joyful then trust your intuition and make yoga a part of your daily life.

Once in your life try to practice yoga for depression and meditation for stress and you will be amazed to see and feel the ecstatic benefits.

Any day or any time is appropriate to enter new dimensions of health and happiness with “Health First” and transform your health naturally by performing Yoga for Depression, Anxiety, and stress.

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