Our Approach for Yoga Therapy

A Modern Practice Built on a Traditional Foundation

We offer a contemporary approach based on current principles of anatomy and physiology and deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional yoga. Our multi-style teaching integrates techniques from: alignment-based yoga (Iyengar), hath yoga, restorative yoga and yoga therapy.

Yoga is not about standing on head or doing contorted poses. It allows our body to relax, opens tightness in the muscles and strengthens our whole body. Practicing yoga is good for the mind providing mental clarity and calmness. It makes students to become more efficient in their day and sleep better at night. We inspire our students to be at their best so the benefits that they may notice will be endless and will change from each practice.

We use props as a teaching tool, and provide intelligent sequencing to safely guide you to deep levels of awareness. Students are often amazed at what they can safely experience in class and how good they feel afterwards. At Health First teachers are facilitators rather than gurus in the traditional Indian sense who awake the student’s connection to his or her own true self.