Our Approach for Homoeopathy

How do we practice?

Strengthened by the experience spreading over a decade and treating hundreds of patients,
as a classical homeopath, we mainly focus on finding a constitutional remedy that is best suited to the patient’s totality of symptoms. Our approach mostly looks at the symptoms of the mind. However, we do not neglect the patient’s physical symptoms and generalities. Therefore, depending on the patient’s needs, we offer a specialized kind of homeopathic preparations that meets today’s national and international requirements without sacrificing well-established traditions with perfect quality assurance.


How do we start homoeopathy treatment?

All patients are required to fill out a medical form which includes chief complaints and a medical history. There is an initial consultation which takes about One-One and half hours. Consultations consist of general, mental, emotional, physical, and pathological questions which depend on the chief complaints of the patients. Homeopathy is a very detail- oriented medical modality which is why patients are asked to answer questions precisely and honestly.


Our Complementary approach

We treat many clients who want to avoid taking conventional medicine and choose homeopathy as a way to do this. But some patients do take regular conventional drugs, prescribed by their doctor and necessary for their health. They choose to consult us for support around such issues as stress, side-effects, fatigue, low energy levels or other complaints that can’t be addressed by conventional medicine. We have found that when necessary the ‘complementary approach’ works very well.

For fully holistic approach to address patients’ health issue; we offer  homoeopathic medicine alongside any conventional medicine that are being taken – and there are no negative interactions as conventional and homeopathic medicines works in different ways.

Conventional medicine aims to eliminate the symptom or imbalance whereas homeopathy acts as an energetic stimulus to gently encourage the body to heal itself.