Meditation & Pranayam


We believe “Meditation is not something new, you have come with it in the world. Mind is something new, Meditation is your nature”. It is your very being…so how can it be difficult?

Meditation is a beautiful process of creating peace within. Through concentration or simply learning to be the witness to your thoughts or your breath you can activate a path of healing inwardly which will transfer to your life outwardly. Meditation is a metaphor for life; it teaches you to stand in your peace while the fluctuations of life pass. It is a practice of training the mind, releasing past and future. Meditation takes you into the now. With this realization the battle between opposing, dualistic thoughts ceases and we are brought into a place of acceptance, knowing that there is nothing to fear and nothing to run from but only this moment to be totally enveloped in.

Meditation has been scientifically linked to stress reduction, pain relief and balancing blood pressure among many other benefits. Let us help you to cultivate a practice with others and on your own.

Pranayama-No Breath No Life. Know Breath Know Your Life.

Standard Yoga practice will traditionally include breathing practices into a physical practice. These breathing practices are referred to as Pranayama. This isn’t all of what pranayama is though. It is much more, and it is a practice for off the mat as well as on. Prana means life force energy, and Yama means discipline. Pranayama is the practice of awareness and use of Life Force Energy. When we learn to expand our limited definitions of things, we start to see the bigger picture. Everything is prana. Thoughts, emotions, words, sounds, food, relationships all have energy exchange and all are considered prana. The practice of pranayama is not just learning how to control your breathing, but learning how to control energy exchange. We have the power to enhance our own Life Force Energy by practicing this discipline. We are able to practice reverence, awareness, and discernment of all exchanges. We have the choice to decide whether we want to exchange positive energy or negative energy in all of these forms. This is pranayama. This is Yoga.